Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hallowe'en Scavenger Hunt Game

Congratulations! If you're playing the Hallowe'en Scavenger Hunt game, you've just found the Hallowe'en graphic on Renee Field's site! Please copy and paste the site address next to my name on your entry sheet, or else just simply enter the name of my page "Hallowe'en Fun" on your entry sheet.

From October 6th through the 23rd, over 30 authors are hosting a Halloween Scavenger 

Below is a list of participating authors. Feel free to click through from here and carry on your search.

And don't forget the IMPORTANT part -- once you've filled in all your answers, please email your document to Sloan McBride at

Good luck, and happy hunting!
(If you've stumbled on this page by mistake, congratulations again! You've joined a fabulous game, with lots of prizes.)

Jessa Slade
Kathryn Jane
Sloan McBride
M.L. Guida
Lois Winston
Skye Taylor
Cathryn Cade
Victoria Adams
Sharleen Scott
Erin Farwell
Kathleen Kaska
Daryl Devore
Chantilly White
Cynthia Luhrs
Molly MacRae
Jessica Aspen
L.C. Giroux
Stacy Juba
B.V. Lawson
Ruby Merritt
Kay Manis
Ashlyn Chase
Barbara Phinney
Alicia M. Dean
Haley Whitehall
Melinda Curtis
Elizabeth Rose
Terry Shames
Shelia Seabrook
Lynn Cahoon
Debra Goldstein
Brenda Novak

Caridad Pineiro

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer Lovin Contest

I'm so excited to showcase my new adult romance. This was such a fun project. I had the pleasure of working with five other authors - Cathryn Fox, Audra North, Jan Meredith, Lilly Cain & Sara Hubbard. We plotted and created our own Canadian resort as the setting.

In celebration of my new adult romance I'm running a Rafflecopter Contest on my Facebook page.Like my Facebook page and the Summer Lovin Facebook page for your chance to win $50 VISA gift certificate and any 3 ebooks by Renee Field. 

Contest starts August 10, 2014 and one random person will be chose on August 24, 2014. Contest is open to residents in the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec) who are the age of majority within the state they reside in.

Loving Lies 

Blake Samson is a man driven to succeed. Having grown up with a disinherited, alcoholic father, he knows the value of money and isn’t afraid to work for it. Now, with a degree in business, he’s out to prove himself to his wealthy grandfather. Securing his first major deal by acquiring Stone Cliff Resort at a rock bottom price will confirm that he’s a wheeler-dealer type who won’t take no for an answer, just like the old man. To accomplish his goals, Blake has put his personal life on hold, determined to remain focused on the prize, until the sexy little Gothed-up bartender dumps a drink in his lap. 

Having a wealthy, Greek tycoon for a father wasn’t easy for Alyssa Papadopoulos, especially one who still believed in the archaic tradition of arranged marriages to secure a business deal. Now, three years after skipping out on the groom, she’d been on her own, coping in the real world with a new name, a new look and fake history that guaranteed no one would associate her with her father. Accepting a job at Stone Cliff Resort in Alberta provides her with a secure income and the opportunity to work on her one true love—photography. Getting involved with a rich bad boy didn’t factor into the plan. Too bad she hasn’t dated in months, and Mr. McDreamy of the lake has dimples to die for and a body that makes her hormones stand up and scream, Oh, hell yes! 

Alyssa tries to avoid Blake, but he’s determined they enjoy some summer loving, offering her a deal filled with stolen kisses and hot steamy nights she finds impossible to resist. When Blake’s father dies and the world he's struggled to build begins to crumble, will Alyssa reveal the truth she so desperately holds on to, or will two people lying about their past give themselves permission to love.

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