Monday, December 24, 2012

99¢ Erotic Novellas to enjoy for the Holidays

Enjoy these 99¢ books over the holidays. This Love Curse series features Centaurs, Amazon women and lots of magic and love.

Love Me Wild -

Love Me Strong -

Love Me Tender -

My contemporary erotic novella about a writer and an electrician is also on
sale at - Electrify Me (50% off sale) -

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Gifts of Love Blog Hop - Kindle Fire Giveaway

It's a Happy Holiday from your favorite Authors and Bloggers. While we know everyone celebrates a different way, we wanted to make sure that you guys knew how much we treasure you all. So from Dec 14th to Dec 17th, all 200 or so of us will be blogging about the holidays and what they mean to us. We may talk about our favorite holiday traditions, recipes, gifts, reads, heroes, and so much more. We want to hear about what you do for the holidays, what you read, and who you'll spend it with. We hope to see you here and happy hopping!

And while we do that, we are EACH doing a giveaway. Yep. There will be over 200 giveaways on each blog hosted by that Author or Blogger. But that's not all....

We have THREE grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 200 times!

Now what are those prizes?
1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet2nd Grand Prize: A $200 Amazon or B&N Gift Card3rd Grand Prize: A Swag Pack that contains paperbacks, ebooks, 50+ bookmarks, cover flats, magnets, pens, coffee cozies, and more!

How to enter - leave a comment with your email!

I'm giving away an ecopy of both A Siren's Wish and Kissed - two erotic paranormal reads you'll enjoy over the holidays.

Christmas Martini
1 (1.5 fluid ounce) chocolate liqueur
1 (1.5 fluid ounce) creme de cacao or peppermint
1 tablespoon vodka
2 1/2 fluid ounces non-dairy vanilla-flavored creamer
2 teaspoons chocolate syrup
Pour the chocolate liqueur, creme de cacao, vodka, and creamer into a cocktail shaker over ice. Cover, and shake until the outside of the shaker has frosted. Dip the rim of a chilled martini glass in chocolate syrup. Strain the cocktail into the glass to serve.
Enjoy while you read A Siren’s Wish

I love Christmas. It’s a time to believe in miracles, time to reach out to those we love and show them a bit more why they’re so important to us. I wrote A Siren Wish because I wanted to showcase a tortured soul who is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save a person. There’s nothing sexy about cancer but showcasing it in this novella enabled me to show a strong man, determined to fight it but willing to give his heart and soul to a beautiful woman. And, honestly in my life these days it seems everyone I know has cancer so I wanted that miracle.

A Siren’s Wish by Renee Field
Sasha was an enticing Siren until a Sea Witch cursed her, turning her into a human and a succubus. Her curse – she must have sex or she will go insane. All that changes when she meets Chase, a cop with stage three cancer. Will Sasha believe in the miracle of Christmas and risk her life for his or will the Sea Witch’s curse mark her for eternity?

Fear clawed at Sasha. What she was about to do had severe ramifications. But for him she was willing to risk it. Life was a choice and it was beautiful and more than ever she wanted him to understand what she had become. A part of her knew it was a selfish want.
“Take my hand. I’m going to show you something I would never normally show anyone but you, Chase, are a man of worth who deserves to see his fate.”
He gave a soft chuckle. “Okay, now fate is not a sexy word, Dr. Rivers. Let’s go back to that word pleasure. I quite enjoyed how that sounded on your lovely mouth.”
Sasha fought not to chuckle. “Sasha, my name’s Sasha. And as much as I’d like nothing more than to give you the pleasure I crave, I need you to understand the terms of the offer. Please pay attention, Chase because what I’m about to show you will change you.”
He wrapped her hair around his wrist and dragged her closer. She moved her body so that she could perch on the side of his bed. Sasha understood his intentions but realized it would make what she was about to do easier. Sasha waited for him to digest her words.
He nodded, grinned more and said, “I’m yours.”
Two words that had more meaning than he could ever know. Sasha didn’t speak. Instead she placed her hands over his chest, feeling the rhythmic beat and only then did she let her Siren powers course through him. His heartbeat sped up and his breath hitched.
A few minutes later it was done. He unclasped her hair and sank against the pillows. He ran a shaky hand through his own ruffled hair.
“Fuck, what the hell was that? My freaking life just flashed before my eyes and, fuck…”
Sasha watched him continue to rake a hand nervously through his sandy brown hair. She longed to run her fingers through his wavy hair, but instead waited for him to fully understand what she’d shown him.
“Was that for real?”
His voice was soft, sounding resigned. A part of Sasha felt intense sorrow that he knew his fate. Sadly, Sasha nodded. “I am sorry.”
Still staring at the ceiling he said, “Not half as sorry as I am. No fucking way do I want to die like that.”
“I can change that.” Sasha rushed on by disclosing what she really was. She could tell by his wide-eyed expression he wasn’t buying it. The only way to show him was to kiss him, fully with all her Siren passion and for once in Sasha’s human life fear clawed at her.
Purchase link -

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ebooks Make Great Gifts Sale - 99¢ ebook sale

I'm participating in a huge 99¢ ebook sale. Tons of great books to grab which make for great holiday reading on your Kindle, Kobo & iPad.

Erotic Paranormal
Renee Field - A Siren's Wish - US link: UK link:
Renee Field - Love Me Wild - 99¢ -
Renee Field - Love Me Tender - 99¢ -
Renee Field - Love Me Strong9 -

Urban Fantasy
Bruce Blake - On Unfaithful Wings (An Icarus Fell Novel #1) - US link: UK link:
Bruce Blake - All Who Wander Are Lost (An Icarus Fell Novel #2) - US link: UK link:
Dark Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Steven Montano - Blood Skies (Book 1) - US link: UK link:
Epic Fantasy
Autumn M. Birt - Born of Water - US link UK Link: Smashwords:
Bruce Blake - Blood of the King (Khirro's Journey Book 1) - US link: UK link: Kobo: Smashwords:
Scott Bury - The Bones of the Earth - US link: UK link:
Paranormal Fantasy
Gary Henry - American Goddesses - Smashwords:
Short Stories - Literary Fiction
Beverly Ackerman - The Meaning of Children - US link: UK link:
Short Stories - Mystery/Adventure/Fantasy
Gary Henry - What Happened to Jory and Other Dark Departures - Smashwords:
Cinta Garcia de la Rosa - The Funny Adventures of Little Nani - US link: UK link:
Middle Grade
Vickie Johnstone - Kiwi in Cat City - magical cat series (6 books) - US link: UK Link:
Young Adult Contemporary
Renee Pace - Off Leash - US link: UK link:
Adam Gaffen - Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Viscount's Butler - US link: UK link:
Adam Gaffen - Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Date - US link: UK link:
Cozy Mystery
Brad Fleming - Inky Black - The Case of the Missing Moggy - US link: UK Link:
Brad Fleming - An Inky Black Story - A Hard Day at the Office - US link: UK Link:
Science Fiction
Adam Gaffen - A Deadly Quest (The Cassidy Chronicles) - US link: UK link:
Adam Gaffen - Run Like Hell (The Cassidy Chronicles) - US link: UK link:
Adam Gaffen - Refuge - US link: UK link:
Adam Gaffen - The Longest Night - US link: UK link:
Adam Gaffen - Who Watches the Watchers? - US link : UK link:
Blaithin O'Reilly Murphy - The Meaning of Purple Tulips - US link: UK link:
Regency Romance
Kymber Lee - Lord Tristan's True Love - U.S link: UK Link:
Romantic Comedy
Vickie Johnstone - 3 Heads & a Tail - US link: UK link:
Erotic Dark Fantasy
M. Peters - Undisclosed Desire - US link: UK link:
Joe McCoubrey - Death by Licence - US link: UK link:
Brad Fleming - Role of Dishonour - US link: UK link:
Christian Inspiration
DeEtte Beckstead - The Christmas Visitors - US Link: UK Link:
Allison Bruning - Reflections: Poems and Essays - US Link: UK Link:
Vickie Johnstone - Life's Rhythms - 316 Haiku - US link: UK link:
Non-Fiction: Adventure Travel
Autumn M. Birt & Adam P. Paul - Danger Peligros - US Link: UK Link: Smashwords:
Non-Fiction: Memoir
Alycia Neighbours - Deciding to Dance - US link: UK link:
Alycia Neighbours - Wake Up In the Mourning - US link: UK link:
Non-Fiction: Self Help
Jamesina Greene - Help! I Don't Like Myself - US link : UK link:

3 Erotic Paranormal novellas are on sale at 99¢

All three of my Love Curse novellas are on sale at 99¢
If you like erotic myths featuring Amazon women and Centaurs this series is for you. Hope you enjoy.

Book one in the Love Curse series.
When a woman becomes fertile, the ache for sexual fulfillment is overwhelming. Rowena, a Maida scientist, must learn to spread her legs with as much relish as she has for scientific discoveries. Can she give her body and heart to a man who is more myth than her rational mind can comprehend?

Tulon, a Centaur, exiled from his clan because he's different, has been in human form for two years after Maida warriors captured him. He can't find one redeeming quality in the Maida until he catches the scent of Rowena — a woman in heat. Chosen to appease her lust, he claims every inch of her silky skin, which releases his magic.

Can two beings with different beliefs embrace the fact that myths can become real when sizzling magic, searing heat and passion engulf them? Or will a challenge by Tulon's nemesis break the fragile trust, forcing Rowena to flee for her sanity?

Book two in the Love Curse series.
What would a woman do if sex no longer eased the ache of being labeled barren? Why, like any "good" naughty woman, she'd set her sights on something deliciously bigger. That's what Tyrana does when a gorgeous man literally runs in front of her and gamely winks at her.

Running after a man for a long, hard rut isn't all Tyrana ends up with. Rusty isn't like any man — make that any being — she's ever encountered before. Tyrana finds it hard to believe in his fanciful tale of magic and thinks she's finally become delusional when he transforms into a magnificent creature he calls a Mage Pegcentaur. The only thing she knows for certain is she's finally met her match when it comes to sex play.

Can Tyrana let a man control her sexual needs? If it cures her heart's most precious ache she's willing to be on her hands and knees for as long as it takes.

Book three of the Love Curse series.
Fleeing everything she’s known for safety in the Dark Forest, Nylu finds more than she bargained for. Celt, the leader of the Rogue Maida warriors, knows the pain of slavery. Now he leads Maida men to their freedom. Saving the young woman isn’t on his agenda.

The Maida fertility curse raging through Nylu leaves her body craving sex. To lay claim to one warrior’s heart, Nylu must embrace her passion and allow two warrior men to pleasure her. Two hard-planed bodies whose mouths, hands and cocks she must share herself with carnally.

But her lust could kill them if they don’t find a way to break her curse.