Monday, February 28, 2011

Elemental Love - FREE Read

Yes, Elemental Love my shifter book is out as a FREE Read. Hope many of you enjoy.

Renee Field
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Here’s an excerpt:

“You thought to capture me.”
It was a mocking statement, not a question, but the sound of his voice roared of thunder, vibrating along the sensitive hairs in her ears that tingled for just another word from him. And it was a him. The masculine deep cedar woods scent of him filled the air where she lay.
“You cannot ensnare me, waikta.”
Waikta. It was a word she knew. It was the language her mother spoke and a long time ago it was a word her mother had used to softly chastise Ashanti. Now there were a dozen harsher words her mother used to remind Ashanti of what she was. Other. Beast. Demon. Unclean. Unworthy. Freak. The last word manifested itself only a dozen years ago after her mother finally secured a television.
Finally regaining all her senses, it was then Ashanti realized she was naked and collared. It wasn’t an electrical collar and she was thankful for that. Instead a wide black leather fastening was tightly clasped around her neck. Attached to the collar was a black leash.
I am not a dog. Her anger flared to life as she attempted to stand. She couldn’t. She fell to her knees, bracing her body’s weight with her hands.
“This I like.”
Then Ashanti felt the man’s large hands on her and she fought the tremor of lust that ripped like a lightning rod through her entire mind and body. She twisted her head around, trying to see him, but there was no one there. Her senses and the voice told her otherwise.
“You want me to fuck you. I can smell your wet arousal.”
Crude words that should make her despise him. They did the opposite. Before she could bark a forced reply, the man’s tongue lightly flicked over her exposed rump. She sucked in her breath sharply. Pleasurable goose bumps formed along her skin. Without words he widened her stance, forcing her knees to open more as he licked and nipped at her ass cheeks. It was the most erotic sensation Ashanti had ever had. To simply experience the sensations but not see the man pleasuring her was a powerful feeling. So intense was the want of what he was doing to her body that she fought the pleasure…fought the craving…fought the wicked licks and nips from his mouth that moved from her ass to her now wet pussy.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle by Donna Alward - Made my day

Reading a Donna Alward novel is like meeting a new best friend and curling up on the sofa to dish all the heartache. I devoured Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle in a day and honestly couldn’t put it down. I have no idea how Alward manages to gather so much character depth in her novels. Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle is all about the twists life throws your way and how you handle them.

The book begins with a twist – think baby dropped off on the veranda of a hunky rancher. Yes. That’s how it starts. The reader instantly gathers the type of character of Wyatt Black, who is facing his own personal demons, but he’s so tender with the crying infant who he doesn’t know that one can’t help feel sympathy for a man used to tending cows more so than babies. When Black, who is desperate within hours to get the baby to stop crying, bangs on his neighbours door, we meet Elli Marchuk. It took me a while to get into Elli because I found her a bit all over the place but once you learn she gave birth to a baby after carrying it almost to full-term, I did feel more sympathy for her.

I have to say I wanted more passion, more kissing but Harlequin Romance doesn’t do that and Alward left you feeling like the heat and smoldering passion was within reach for both Black and Marchuk. I enjoyed the characters journeys and this book read with such truth and honesty I felt like Black and Marchuk were real people who I met over a cup of coffee, willing to share their life story and how they met.

This truly was a satisfying read and I can’t wait to finish Sold to the Highest Bidder also by Alward.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Beastly Passion Up for Sirens Book Reviews Book of January

Hi everyone:
I just found out that my latest erotic paranormal Beastly Passion is up for Book Of The Month for January:

This totally made my day and week because let me tell you I had a terrible week. First sick kids and then my hot water heater broke which flooded my basement (think destroyed here) and then I got sick with the flu and then hubby. Now I'm dealing with my insurance (thank god I had house insurance) but this is not fun. My 15 year-old is now sleeping on a mattress in my 9 year-old's bedroom and my house looks like a disaster, but it could be worse.

Agai, just had to blog that this made my day. Your votes would be greatly appreciated.